Bestplace4u Websites

Please peruse the websites we have built and note the many different styles we can create.

Wonderful websites at small prices

This is an example of one of the many websites that we have built for Charitable organisations to promote the work that they do.

In this case they already had their domain so we provided hosting and the design of the site using the artwork ideas they already had.

Included in the site is a Client Management system which allows the organisers to regularly update the site keeping it fresh and interesting. Within the site is a hidden site counter to enable us to keep track of site visitor.

In this case the client didn’t require a dedicated email address but we can supply those for free with every domain purchased. If necessary that would extend to a dedicated inbox system which you can access from anywhere.

What you can see on this site is a range of downloadable reports which are easy to include. The sitebuilder system comes with a comprehensive set of instructions but is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge of coding. Added to that we are here to help you should you encounter any technical issues.